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Diana Hardy

Ms Hardy has always been attracted to education and sharing with people how to improve their lives in one way or another. Her presentation shares fund raising opportunities for educators, students and parents. The plan has an educational spin which focuses on goal setting, team collaboration, and accountability skills. As a military officer, she knows leadership and was attracted to the phenomenal leadership of Organo Gold. Ms. Hardy has always been passionate about being able to help others particularly in making decisions based on financial abundance verses financial lack. She kept her options opened to an income opportunity and recognized the multi-billion dollar coffee industry, (though she was not a coffee drinker), and found out that she was participating in a recession proof industry because everyone drank coffee or tea at least occasionally and or knew someone else who did. She knows she is very fortunate to have been introduced to a quality company and is grateful for being wise enough to make the decision to partner with them. Using the Organo products to fund raise has been very productive in other school districts.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, June 9