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Courtney Lybrand

Richland Two-Pontiac Elementary
Classroom Teacher (4th)
I’m a fourth grade teacher in my third year of teaching. As most teachers do, or at the very least should, I have a passion for working with kids and seeing them achieve what they thought was impossible. My first year teaching I was in heaven; I had so much fun finding creative ways to connect to the kids and get them excited about learning. I will admit that last year was a bit of a struggle for me. I was doing a lot of very similar activities, but I was frustrated with all of the state testing stress and constraints that teachers sometimes run into. At the beginning of this year I attended a conference at the Ron Clark Academy and was so refreshed by what I saw. This year I have devoted myself to finding creative ways around these stresses and constraints. I pride myself on being a teacher who understands where each child comes from and what they need to be successful. There are so many cool ideas to take away from RCA, but I knew that I needed to just focus on a few to see success & it has really transformed my classroom.